Networking is key to success in logistics

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Kevin Coleman, CEO of CJ Logistics America and one of the winners of Food Logistics’ 2023 Rock Stars of the Supply Chain award, says the supply chain is global and large, but also really small. He believes that networking is key to success in the supply chain space.

In an interview with Marina Mayer, Editor in Chief of Food Logistics, Supply & Demand Chain Executive, Coleman talked about the three phases of his 30 years in supply chain, from consulting to US-based supply chain organization to global integrated logistics firm, and how they expanded his knowledge and skill sets.

He also looked to the future of the supply chain industry, to what he sees as trends in the cold food and beverage area, including the need for increased automation to meet challenges and addressing the aging cold chain infrastructure in the US.

Coleman talked about the multi-pronged approach CJ Logistics America takes in helping customers and growing the business, including customized solutions in transportation and warehousing and investment in the cold chain space.

Looking to what’s ahead for CJ Logistics America, Coleman referenced initiatives around employee engagement and culture, ESG, growth, and expanding capabilities including cold chain, e-commerce and more.

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