Business Intelligence

We use strategic analysis to optimize performance and quantify scenarios within a supply chain network. Providing a comprehensive view of a supply chain, we provide visualized data insights that are easy to interpret.

We have created a leading-edge Business Intelligence (BI) platform through the use of an expansive data warehouse that integrates multiple systems (TMS, LMS, WMS, HRIS, Financial) and leverages state-of-the-art tools for modeling and visualization such as LLamasoft and Tableau. Foresight, our proprietary visual BI dashboard, provides data interactivity, allowing customers to drill down, examine and assess. Taking all of the disparate data from multiple systems that exist for a customer’s supply chain, we help simplify the complex by visualizing data and identifying patterns and trends. We provide customers visibility to supply chain data to help them improve, optimize and make decisions. Data is transformed into information that delivers intelligence and value to customers.

Specialty Areas

  • Network Optimization & Planning
  • Scenario Modeling
  • Data Visualization and Insights
  • Shipment and Inventory Trends
  • Consignee Patterns and Cost-to-Serve
  • Profile Trends & Visualization
  • Geographical Trends
  • Productivity Optimization
  • Interactive Interfaces & Drill-Down Features

Our Approach

Prescriptive and Predictive.

We use strategic analytical tools to help optimize baseline performance and help quantify various “what if” scenarios within a supply chain network.


Multiple inputs merge into a real-time visual and configurable dashboard, providing a comprehensive view of a supply chain from which we can glean actionable insights.


We provide customers with real-time visibility to their supply chain information, including profile and performance data, in visualized formats that are easy to interpret.


We leverage business intelligence and analytics to translate the patterns and possibilities, helping our customers assess and predict. Our insights enable customers to identify trends and exceptions, explore scenarios, identify opportunities for continuous improvement and mitigate risk.

Great job! Lots of hard work out there paying off. You guys are great! Thank you!!

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