Warehouse Engineering & Automation

With emphasis on continuous improvement, our optimal, efficient designs and dynamic standards drive efficiencies and cost reductions for our customers.


Leveraging the expertise of our Engineering team, we design lean warehousing and transportation operations to drive efficiencies and cost reductions for our customers.

Focused on meeting our customers’ needs through innovation, our Engineering function is responsible for solutions creation, implementation and continuous improvement as an operation matures. Our Engineers create optimal, efficient designs and develop dynamic standards to which employees are held accountable in our labor management program. As the customer profile and material handling requirements change, we continue to dynamically model and improve the environment for optimal process flow.

Warehouse Engineering & Automation Specialties

Layout Optimization

Process Flow Enhancement

Time Studies

Pick Line Optimization

Engineered Standards Development

Continuous Improvement

Automation & TES



System & Solution


Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions

We provide customized operations with a wide range of size and complexity, and have expertise in highly-regulated industries and environments. With award-winning quality, safety and sustainability performance, CJ Logistics is an industry leader in warehouse performance optimization.

Our Approach

Customer Value Focused.

Our Engineering and Automation efforts are directed and prioritized based on customer business goals and our drive to create customer value via reducing total system costs, transforming business processes, improving service to customers and facilitating growth and change.

Efficient and Lean.

Our continuous improvement methodology is focused on Customer Value creation and is driven by data. We apply a Lean framework to expose and eliminate waste holistically across the supply chain.


Engineering applies our innovative end-to-end TES solutions to fuse technology, optimal processes and advanced IT services. Solutions feature Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Advanced Material Handling Equipment (MHE), tuggers, conveyor systems and robotic systems, and industry-specific consulting expertise in modeling, optimization, analytics, design and simulation.


Our Business Intelligence (BI) platform, Foresight, enables real-time visualizations to transform data into intelligence, enabling decisions which improve customer business and operations performance.

You all did a great job and I want to commend you all. Thank you so much for the great customer service!

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