Public Warehousing

Providing flexibility for manufacturers and shippers, we offer public warehousing in major distribution hubs.


In addition to contract warehousing, we also offer flexible public warehousing in major distribution hubs, ideal for supporting national multi-customer consolidation to major retailers such as Walmart, Target, Costco, Kroger and Giant Eagle.

Our public warehouse solutions provide flexibility for manufacturers and shippers. This includes pilot projects, overflow, growth and start-ups, transition projects and seasonal fluctuations. Our “campus” approach allows for labor infusions when volume spikes occur, while the public warehousing model also provides the ability to tighten space and labor on an as needed basis as well.

Public Warehousing

Retail Consolidation


Seasonal Overflow

Food Grade Environments

Omnichannel and E-commerce Fulfillment

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Warehousing and Fulfillment Solutions

We provide customized operations with a wide range of size and complexity, and have expertise in highly-regulated industries and environments. With award-winning quality, safety and sustainability performance, CJ Logistics is an industry leader in warehouse performance optimization.

Our Approach


Our public warehousing solutions allow customers to expand or contract space and labor usage as program needs dictate.


We adapt the program and design process flows and layout as the customer program and consumer demand evolve.


Many customers who utilize our public warehousing services are in highly-regulated industries such as food and beverage or healthcare, and also ship to retailers. We have extensive expertise meeting retailer and regulatory requirements.


The public warehouse environment lends itself to multi-customer consolidation. We can integrate the warehouse solution with transportation, international freight forwarding, supply chain packaging services for an optimal supply chain advantage.

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