Freight Forwarding

With our comprehensive export and import services, we manage the logistics of international shipments, using a variety of shipping modes.


The freight forwarding division of CJ Logistics connects 220 countries in the world and provides comprehensive export and import services including ocean, air, consolidation, special project freight movements and customs brokerage.

We manage the logistics of international shipments, from ordinary freight to special category freight, using a variety of shipping modes. We provide a full range of services to coordinate the international movement of shipments. With a multilingual North America team fluent in many languages such as English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Polish and Laosian, our expertise and extensive global network ensure shipments are compliant with regulations and optimized for maximum efficiency.

Freight Forwarding Specialties

Freight Management

Purchase Order (PO) Management

Air Freight

E-Commerce & International Parcel Services

Sea Freight

Buyer Consolidation

Road Freight


Import Customs Brokerage

Foreign Military Services (FMS)

Project Cargo Logistics

Packing & Crating

Licenses & Certifications

Transportation Solutions

Our Transportation Management solutions provide a broad scope of services, optimizing the end-to-end supply chain and emphasizing total system cost reduction, service performance enhancement and value creation. Applying best-of-breed transportation technologies, visibility across all modes and solutions is a key focus.

Our Approach


Our freight forwarding services are tailored to customer business objectives, and integratable with our end-to-end global solutions platform.

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Our expertise ensures smooth customs processing and optimized transit.


Our value chain and global network enable shipment visibility and proactive customer service.

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