Customs Brokerage

Our expert team helps customers in a variety of industries navigate the major issues facing importers in an increasingly digitized reporting environment.


The CJ Logistics Customs Brokerage team provides the service of clearing goods through customs for our customers, with a dual responsibility to comply with customs law and serve clients.

Proficient in knowing and understanding customs laws, tariff schedules and electronic interfaces, our licensed customs brokers help customers in a variety of industries navigate the major issues facing importers. These issues include classification, valuation, country of origin and PGA regulations. The customs brokerage team’s expertise, our branded Business Intelligence (BI) platform, use of automation and technology help keep importers compliant in an increasingly digitized reporting environment.

Customs Brokerage Specialties

Food Imports


Bio Sciences

Medical Devices

Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ)


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)



Transportation Solutions

Our Transportation Management solutions provide a broad scope of services, optimizing the end-to-end supply chain and emphasizing total system cost reduction, service performance enhancement and value creation. Applying best-of-breed transportation technologies, visibility across all modes and solutions is a key focus.

Our Approach


Our customs brokerage team uses data to take an innovative approach to customs compliance and clearances. Using Business Intelligence (BI), variance reporting and KPIs, we can pinpoint issues in customs compliance more effectively than manual audits. We use technology to ensure better compliance, more accurate reporting to customs, fewer delays and lower risk.


Years of experience and research make us especially knowledgeable about customs and partnering regulatory agencies. Our customs brokers stay abreast of current regulations to help our clients efficiently and quickly clear their goods which can range from live fish to complex scientific equipment.


We are connected to customs via the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) system. We use EDI and automated data interfaces to report and retrieve data with customs. The interface connects with the carrier to show timely releases as well as eliminate manual errors. Our customs brokerage services provide visibility to shipment tracking and customs tracking, and a myriad of cost and other reporting services.


We take a proactive approach to complete timely clearances and regulations monitoring. We help importers understand the regulations before they ship their products. This saves time and money and avoids delays. We follow the most up-to-date regulations, so our customs brokerage clients are well-informed and prepared for any necessary changes.

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