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For a Fortune 500 customer’s Point of Sale operation, CJ Logistics implements a solution that results in reduced costs and the environmental impact of the operation.


Fortune 500 Customer


For a customer’s Point of Sale (POS) operation with multiple items in a variety of sizes and shapes, CJ Logistics implemented Packsize, a machine that makes right-sized, just-in-time corrugated boxes. The technology reduces corrugate and dunnage consumption, and reduces corrugate, dunnage and transportation costs for the customer.


CJ Logistics manages the Point of Sale (POS) operation for one of our Fortune 500 customers – a total of 2,000 items varying in size and shape. Over one shift, the operation packs and ships 1,000-2,000 boxes containing unique product combinations. At the start of the POS operation, 35-40 case sizes were used to ship the random assortment of product. The operator chose the box that would most optimally fit the order and used the necessary amount of corrugate and dunnage so the items would ship safely. This operation experienced high corrugate and dunnage consumption and inefficient use of both trailer and warehouse space.


CJ Logistics’ engineers researched and implemented Packsize after seeing this technology at a trade show. Because the Packsize machine makes right-sized, just-in-time corrugated boxes, CJ Logistics recognized that not only would this technology reduce costs for the customer, but it would also reduce the environmental impact of the operation. Now, after the contents of an order are picked, the Packsize machine creates a box based on the actual size of the package.


The Packsize solution has resulted in reduced corrugate and dunnage consumption, as well as reduced corrugate, dunnage and transportation costs. We have reduced the total cost of the kitting and parcel boxes by 15%-20%, and we have reduced the customer’s footprint for the corrugate from 6,000 square feet to approximately 800 square feet, providing additional savings for our customer.

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