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Maximizing customer value through continuous improvement and innovation, CJ Logistics provides integrated supply chain services for customers around the world.

CJ Logistics, The Global SCM Innovator

CJ Logistics provides integrated global supply chain solutions, maximizing customer value through continuous improvement and innovation. Designing optimal business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-consumer (B2C) logistics solutions, CJ Logistics prioritizes the well-being of the end consumer and focuses on social responsibility and sustainability through growth with customers and communities. CJ Logistics offers an integrated one-stop SCM service platform in air and sea forwarding, warehousing and transportation contract logistics, parcel and express delivery, and SCM consulting.

CJ Logistics is a core business of CJ Group, a global conglomerate headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, with businesses in the sectors of Retail & Logistics, Food & Food Service, Biotechnology, and Entertainment & Media. Enriching lifestyles across the world, CJ Group has a presence in more than 40 countries. Founded in 1930, CJ Logistics is one of CJ Group’s most dynamic businesses.

CJ Logistics

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Aligned with CJ Logistics’ global vision to maximize customer value through innovation and continuous improvement, CJ Logistics is responsible for the North America region with 80+ warehousing, transportation and freight forwarding operations across the United States, Canada and Mexico. As a lead logistics partner (LLP), third-party logistics provider (3PL) and supply chain consultant, CJ Logistics America helps customers leverage supply chain management as a competitive advantage, reducing total system costs, transforming business processes, improving service and facilitating growth and change. CJ Logistics America specializes in providing holistic, large-scale warehousing and transportation solutions for customers in regulated industries such as food and beverage, healthcare and medical supplies, tire and automotive, and consumer packaged goods. Warehouse management solutions include e-commerce, supply chain packaging, value-added services and engineering and automation. Integrated transportation management solutions include asset-based transportation, freight forwarding and cross-border transportation.

Going beyond.

At CJ Logistics, we challenge ourselves to be out in front, adapting to change and advancing industry thinking and practices. The capabilities and opportunities for supply chain leadership are more exciting than ever as we help our customers adapt their supply chains to respond to rapidly developing changes in technology, consumer demand and business trends.

Our Mission, Vision and Values


By designing optimal SCM, we create a world where customers’ precious assets are delivered safely and conveniently in a timely manner.


The Global SCM Innovator
Providing integrated services for customers around the world, while also maximizing customer value through continuous improvement and innovation.

Core Values

  • ONLYONE: First, Best, Different
  • Talent: Exceptional Talent, Strong & Adaptive Culture
  • Shared Growth: Building Ecosystems, Shared Value

Our Culture

Leading with Integrity

Our promise to customers and employees is to uphold high standards of integrity, responsibility and accountability, based on open communication, collaboration and trust. Our leaders strive to authentically engage and motivate others, participating together with employees and customers and delivering results. By fostering professionalism and honesty, they inspire connectedness, transparency and credibility.

Driven by Passion

We believe in striving for excellence, in taking people and businesses to new places where they would not go themselves. We have a passion to create and communicate a vision for our customers, generate enthusiasm, influence and inspire through our leadership. We have a passion around information, are intrinsically data-driven and  take a fact-based approach to problem solving.

Inspiring Creativity

We consider ours a thinking, learning organization, full of proactive problem solvers with a continuous improvement mindset. Throughout our operations we seek to constantly challenge ourselves and identify opportunities to improve service while driving out waste and cost; we encourage and reward creative thinking and innovation.

Showing Respect

We understand the importance of listening to understand other points of view, valuing others as equally important and embracing diverse perspectives without judgment. Establishing authenticity and safe-keeping customer relationships is a responsibility of our leaders and employees. At all levels of our organization, we say what we mean, we mean what we say, and we do what we say we will do. Our customers can count on us for that.

Awards and Certifications

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Supply & Demand Chain Executive Women in Supply Chain 2023

Supply & Demand Chain Executive Green Supply Chain Award 2020

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Food Logistics Top Green Provider 2021

Logistics Management Quest for Quality

Armstrong & Associates Top 20 North American Warehousing 3PL 2023

SupplyChainBrain 100 Great Supply Chain Partners 2020

CJ Logistics America is certified in areas required in our business operations and is frequently recognized for performance excellence, sustainability commitment and supply chain leadership by a variety of logistics industry sources. Our certifications and some of the awards we’ve received:

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Thank you for the amazing work your company is doing to bring in multiple record shipment weeks while maintaining a high degree of customer service during these unprecedented times. This can only happen through a strong partnership and the strength of that partnership is really shining bright during a very difficult time for our country.

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