Business Process Integration

With large-scale implementation and integration as a core competency, we have the experience and expertise to seamlessly manage integrations and start-ups.


We are experts at leading implementations and integrations that are significant in size and scope. We understand the criticality of a start-up to the success and long-term sustainability of the partnership.

Whether a customer is outsourcing for the first time, transitioning an operation to a new provider, implementing new systems or opening a new location – we have the experience to successfully manage integrations and start-ups, seamlessly. Large-scale implementation and integration is a core competency; we do several of these per year. We take great care to listen to customer needs and goals, communicate statuses every step of the way, measure and report progress, and provide transparency to budget and plan tracking. Helping our customers mitigate risks, we expect the unexpected and adapt, initiate solutions to overcome obstacles, expedite as needed for success, and provide leadership through change.


Large-scale Start-ups

Network Changes

Facility Move

Greenfield / New Construction

Staff Conversions

Provider Transitions

Product Launches

Systems Implementations

Mergers & Acquisitions

Vendor & Carrier Transitions

Integrated Supply Chain Solutions

We bring clarity to complexity, extracting critical details from complicated information. Our practitioner advantage ensures achievable solutions from design to execution. Every solution has our customers’ broader goals and end customer in mind.

Our Approach


From overseeing Greenfield new construction warehouses to managing transitions that involve entire transportation networks, system migrations, million-square-foot facilities, full staff conversions and 3PL provider changeovers, we are experts at handling implementations and integrations that are significant in size and scope.

Collaborative and Cross-functional.

As project manager, we provide a single point of contact. We facilitate communication among all stakeholders and vendors and provide visibility to statuses and budgets. Communication and cross-functional collaboration are built into the process to ensure stakeholders are engaged, consulted and aligned throughout the project.

Broad Outreach.

Our outreach extends beyond the supply chain and operations teams to include impacted customer organizations, suppliers and local municipalities – all parties required for a successful implementation.

Adaptive and Accountable.

We are adept communicators and problem-solvers. Analytical, decisive and accountable, we know what it takes to get it done and we respond methodically and rationally to constraints.


We understand the criticality of a start-up to the success and the long-term sustainability of the partnership. We allocate top talent to lead new implementations and customer integration projects and to serve on BPI project teams.

Risk Mitigating.

We help customers identify risks and mitigation options before they impact timelines, service or budget. With expertise in operating in highly regulated environments, we define and address needs related to safety, security, systems, material handling equipment, human resources and process. Our capable BPI leaders, proprietary plan templates and metrics account for every possible step and risk.

I sincerely appreciate everything you do each day…I can always depend on you to rise to the occasion and get the work done!

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