Frequently Asked Questions

As a lead logistics partner (LLP), third-party logistics provider (3PL) and supply chain consultant, CJ Logistics helps customers leverage supply chain management as a competitive advantage, reducing total system costs, transforming business processes, improving service and facilitating growth and change. Our warehouse management solutions include e-commerce, supply chain packaging, value-added services and engineering and automation. Our integrated transportation management solutions include asset-based transportation, freight forwarding and cross-border transportation.

We specialize in providing holistic, large-scale warehousing and transportation solutions for customers in regulated industries such as food and beverage, healthcare and medical supplies, tire and automotive, and consumer packaged goods, with specialized expertise in meeting the needs of customers and consignees. As retail and other customer service requirements evolve and become more dynamic, we are in tune with what the industry demands for supply chain service differentiation.

Through innovation, continuous improvement and collaborative partnerships, we provide supply chain leadership to improve our customers’ competitiveness, helping them grow and reach new levels of performance. We deliver value to customers by reducing total system costs, transforming business processes, improving service to customers, and facilitating growth and change. We have specialized expertise in managing large-scale, complex operations within several highly regulated industries.

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Chances are, yes. We operate more than 80 warehouses across the US, Canada and Mexico. Totalling over 40 million square feet of space and employing over 4000 people, our warehouses range in size from 100,000 square feet to 1.2 million square feet. Our network features both public and dedicated contract operations, and we have the flexibility to expand to additional locations, as needed by our customers. We manage over four billion pounds of freight annually.

CJ Logistics, our parent company, has a global network with 276 locations in over 40 countries. CJ is the leading logistics company in Korea and Asia, and operates in the US, Canada and Mexico. It also has locations in India and the Middle East. Locations vary in size and are a combination of public and dedicated contract operations.

Yes, we have created leading edge Business Intelligence (BI) tools through the use of an expansive data warehouse that integrates multiple systems (TMS, LMS, WMS, HRIS, Financial) and leverages state-of-the-art tools for modeling and visualization such as LLamasoft and Tableau. Taking all of the disparate data from multiple systems that exist for a customer’s supply chain, we help simplify the complex by visualizing data and identifying patterns and trends. We provide customers visibility to supply chain data to help them improve, optimize and make decisions. Foresight, our proprietary visual BI dashboard, provides data interactivity, allowing customers to drill down, examine and assess. Data is transformed into information that delivers intelligence and value to customers.

Yes, we provide a variety of consulting services with expertise in supply chain analytics, network modeling, engineering, technology and operations. Our experience serving leading global companies across a wide variety of industries enables our expertise and knowledge of leading practices. We monitor the business environment to mitigate risk, predict change and provide opportunities to gain competitive advantage. Our practitioner advantage ensures feasible, achievable solutions that are actionable and that we stand behind.

Yes, our supply chain packaging solutions include in-network co-packing, production lines, a variety of repacking capabilities and specialized packaging services. Multiple locations across the CJ network provide Supply Chain Packaging Services including Labeling, Quality Inspections, Re-work / Re-pack / Re-coup, Barcoding & RFID, Store / Shelf Ready, Component Kitting, Promotional Displays, Point-of-Sale Operations, Samples Management, Isolated Production Areas (IPA), Omnichannel Fulfillment, and Reverse Logistics / Returns Processing.

Yes, CJ Logistics’ Strategic Partnerships (SP) group is dedicated to key accounts and responsible for our clients’ success. Our SP group meets with you to ensure we are aligned on business goals and short- and long-term objectives. Together, we identify key performance metrics to track operational performance. SP works together with a dedicated operations team to ensure flawless execution in your supply chain. They are fully supported by a variety of functional service groups within our company.

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