CJ Logistics America joins celebration of National Women’s History Month

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National Women’s History Month is being celebrated at CJ Logistics America in March with displays and activities at the locations across the network recognizing the contributions and achievements of women.

The theme for 2023, “Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories,” brings recognition to the women, past and present, in all forms of storytelling including print, radio, TV, stage, screen, blogs, podcasts and more.

“From the earliest storytellers through pioneering journalists, our experiences have been captured by a wide variety of artists and teachers,” the National Women’s History Alliance says in explaining this year’s theme. “These include authors, songwriters, scholars, playwrights, performers, and grandmothers throughout time. Women have long been instrumental in passing on our heritage in word and in print to communicate the lessons of those who came before us. Women’s stories, and the larger human story, expand our understanding and strengthen our connections with each other.”

Recognizing the achievements of women and developing more women leaders in the logistics and supply chain industry are important at CJ Logistics America. “One of our core values is growing exceptional talent within a strong and adaptive culture,” said Brad Nuffer, SVP, Transportation. “Supporting and encouraging the development of female leaders is one way we realize that value.”

CJ Logistics America and CJ Group share a commitment to diversity, inclusion and leadership, working together across cultures, countries and companies to create integrated global supply chain solutions for customers around the world, maximizing customer value through continuous improvement and innovation. For information about CJ Logistics America’s supply chain management solutions

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