CEO Ed Bowersox: Strategic partnerships key to “De-Risking the Supply Chain”

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Strategic partnerships, education, collaboration – CJ Logistics CEO Ed Bowersox calls these basics the key to meeting the supply chain challenges posed by the effects of the pandemic in “De-risking the Supply Chain,” a video interview with Russell W. Goodman, Sr. Editor, SupplyChainBrain.

Bowersox emphasizes the importance of providers understanding customers’ pain points and the situation, whether it involves congestion at ports or labor shortages or inventory issues. He advises companies to ask these questions about their providers: “Are they educated on the situation? Do they understand driver constraints, labor constraints, wage pressures, inflationary costs due to fuel or other input costs into the supply chain? How well can they align with your strategy, then collectively work on solutions to avoid or mitigate those issues and be competitive in the market space?”

At the close of the interview when Bowersox is asked about CJ Logistics, he points to the company expanding its portfolio of integrated services to provide optimization and visibility across the supply chain. He emphasizes the importance of aligning these services and capabilities with customer needs and business goals to establish truly collaborative, strategic partnerships.

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