DSC offers insights on transportation at Stifel conference

DSC Senior Vice President, Operations Ken Heller participated in a panel discussion on the state of the supply chain industry from a 3PL perspective at the recent Transportation & Logistics conference sponsored by Stifel.

Primarily focusing on technology, labor, customer impact and e-commerce in the discussion with other industry leaders, Heller emphasized DSC’s responsibility for customers’ warehousing and transportation in today’s rapidly changing environment.

“We deal with fairly sophisticated shippers who have a lot of technology, hardware and data,” Heller said. “What they’re looking for is end-to-end supply chain visibility at the SKU level, which is easy to say, hard to deliver. It’s not only knowing where the truck is, but where on the truck the product is so it can be unloaded efficiently.”

Heller was joined on the panel by Tom Fiorita, CEO and founder of Point Pickup Technologies; Dan Lewis, CEO and co-founder of Convoy; and Michael Byrne, managing director at Toll Group. Bruce Chan, Stifel equities analyst, moderated the panel discussion.

Justin Zubrod, DSC Advisory Board member, and Hee-Jae Lee and Jonathan Park from CJ Logistics headquarters also attended the conference for CEOs / CFOs and other leaders in the Transportation industry.

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