MMH covers CJ Logistics’ technology integration initiative

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CJ Logistics’ strategic initiative to deploy technologies the company is using globally at a 1.1 million square foot facility in Dallas is the subject of a recent article in Modern Materials Handling (MMH).

The article, “CJ Logistics meets the integration challenge,” covers the company’s work with SVT Robotics and Blue Yonder to successfully integrate technologies including autonomous mobile robots, automated lift trucks, electric pallet trucks, and voice and vision tools with each other and with the facility’s warehouse management system.

Addressing the challenge presented by integration, Laura Adams, CJ Logistics’ Vice President of technology, engineering, systems and solutions (TES) says in the article, “This was a strategic initiative for our company. In this particular building, we wanted to deploy several technologies that CJ Logistics is using on a global basis. But, no single provider could provide it all, so we needed a partner that had industry knowledge, had experience building integration points and could integrate with our system.” CJ Logistics found that partner in SVT Robotics and their cloud-based integration platform.

View the video below to learn more about how CJ Logistics America uses TES to optimize the total supply chain.

Modern Materials Handling points out that two trends driving the 3PL industry are reflected in the company’s project: innovation as a competitive differentiator and the requirement to continually deliver value to customers. Both are core beliefs in CJ Logistics’ approach to business.

“We have always been focused on creating customer value through the total cost of the system, transforming business processes, improving service, and driving growth and change,” Kevin Coleman, Co-CEO at CJ Logistics America says in the article. “Today, our customers are asking us how we can challenge the status quo to deal with the changes in consumer demand patterns.” 

Now part of the company’s toolbox, the new technologies and integration platform can be adapted for other facilities and customers to further enable CJ Logistics to quickly adjust to customers’ changing requirements as they emerge.

To view the full article published in Modern Materials Handling, click here.

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