Seeking insights from drivers on being a “shipper of choice”

A Driver Feedback pilot project is underway at DSC Logistics’ facilities in Fairburn, Georgia, and University Park and Joliet, Illinois.

The project stems from DSC’s continuous improvement mindset and strategic approach to transportation. DSC knows that truck drivers can provide valuable insights into how the company can meet its goal of being a “shipper of choice.”

DSC developed driver feedback kiosks as an effective method to easily capture information at the time and place of the driver-DSC experience. “We care about the driver experience and we want to be the #1 destination for truckers,” said Erick Froseth, the Customer Operations Leader at Fairburn who is heading up this project. “We’re asking for feedback because we want to know how we can improve our service.”

At the kiosks, drivers are asked about their experience at the DSC facility that day – their overall impression, what went well and what could be done better. Questions cover factors such as interaction with staff, wait time, gate process and building amenities. Drivers can also add additional comments.

DSC will continue to refine questions to gather as much information and candid feedback as possible. “We know that “shipper of choice” will continue to be an important issue,” said Brad Nuffer, Vice President, Transportation Operations. “We want to lead in this area and it’s a top priority.”

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