Senior Director, Industrial Engineering, discusses DSC’s labor management success story in webinar

Jim Chamberlain, DSC Logistics’ Senior Director, Industrial Engineering & Continual Improvement, and Bob Heaney, Research Director & Principal Analyst of Wholesale, Retail and eCommerce, Aberdeen Group, are the featured speakers in an on-demand Webinar presenting DSC Logistics’ labor management success story.

The webinar, “Profitable Omni-Channel Fulfillment – Enterprise Wide Labor Management,” sponsored by JDA Software Group, Inc., addresses the results of a recent labor management survey showing that adopting more efficient warehouse and stores level processes was the most-cited pressure for managers to address profitability and reduce operating expenses.

The discussion of DSC’s journey from manual paper based discrete order picking to real-time RF directed task and labor management includes a look at steps to bolster labor productivity for the most profitable fulfillment, the trends and advancements in event-driven real-time labor management and more dynamic real-time staff deployment, and engineered standards for direct labor, Task and Picking Interleaving, workforce management, and reasonable expectancies for support and/or store-level activities.
Jim is the Chair for the JDA Warehouse Labor Management Special Interest Group (SIG); he was chosen for this position based on his extensive knowledge and experience with labor management programs throughout his career.

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