Remotely operated forklifts can improve employee safety and resiliency

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A recent video shows how CJ Logistics America is partnering with Phantom Auto in deploying remotely operated forklifts to help employees be safer, more accurate and more productive in the warehouse environment. Instead of being physically located in the warehouse, drivers use Phantom Auto’s remote operation platform to remotely operate forklifts while sitting at a computer equipped with a steering wheel, pedals and other accessories.

The key technology that is driving this change to the way warehouse employees work is ultra-low latency video-streaming software that gives the remote drivers real-time 360-degree sight and sound around a vehicle, plus the ability to communicate with employees in the warehouse via a two-way audio system. The lifts are outfitted with hi-resolution cameras, lidar and safety sensors, real-time networking, graphic overlays, and two-way audio systems to enhance safety and communication. 

One of CJ Logistics’ technology goals is to provide employees with the right tools and support to enable them to fulfill their roles in a safer and more sustainable manner. As COO Ken Heller says at the beginning of the video, technology plays a significant role in CJ Logistics America’s business strategy. Retention and safety are key concerns, Heller says, and utilizing tools like Phantom Auto can help support the work of forklift drivers, making their work more enriching and reducing turnover.

CJ Logistics’ innovative TES solutions fuse technology, optimal processes and advanced IT services. Solutions include Remote Operation, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, Advanced Material Handling Equipment (MHE), tuggers, conveyor systems, robotic systems, and more. Partnering with leading tech companies such as Phantom Auto, CJ Logistics provides state-of-the-art solutions to solve supply chain challenges.

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