Implementing robotics and automation to maximize customer value

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“Accelerating Warehouse Automation,” the latest video from CJ Logistics, shows how the provider of integrated global supply chain solutions is leveraging TES (Technology, Engineering, Systems & Solutions) to maximize customer value through continuous improvement and innovation.

In the video, Co-CEO Kevin Coleman, TES VP Laura Adams and other leaders discuss some of the robotics and automation technologies CJ Logistics is implementing in its warehouses. “We see technology and automation as part of that tool kit to help us solve problems for our customers and create additional efficiencies in their supply chains,” Coleman says.

With technologies such as autonomous forklifts, autonomous mobile robots, smart glasses and electric pallet trucks, the company is combining the latest equipment, optimal processes and advanced IT services to optimize the total supply chain, end to end.

Speaking about CJ Logistics at the video’s conclusion, Adams says, “In an ever-changing environment, collaborating with a great team that brings great ideas and innovation together is a key piece of what is going to be needed for the future.”

See how CJ Logistics is accelerating and piloting warehouse automation:

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