An evolving approach to data-enabled learning

As customer needs are changing and evolving, DSC Logistics, now CJ Logistics America, is working to advance Business Intelligence and analytics to meet those needs. We’re moving toward a future that includes a cloud-based data warehouse, dashboards with corrective action suggestions and AI.

We want to ensure that data is transformed into information that delivers intelligence and value to customers. Our goal is to achieve transformation of data to actionable intelligence, real-time directed actions, end-to-end supply chain visibility, data transparency with customers and integration of outside data sources.

This effort is driven by customers – internal and external. We know how important it is to involve and partner with all stakeholders early on and throughout the journey, clearly communicating timelines and adjustments. It is also essential to build out a roadmap ahead of time for prioritization, and explore total cost impact.

Our approach is to leverage business intelligence and analytics to translate the patterns and possibilities, helping our customers assess and predict. We want our insights to enable customers to identify trends and exceptions, explore scenarios, identify opportunities for continuous improvement and mitigate risk.

For insights about our multi-year journey to advance Business Intelligence and analytics to meet changing customer needs: Business Intelligence

DSC’s educational session at MODEX 2020, “The Business Intelligence (BI) Journey: How Technology and Customer Needs are Evolving Supply Chain Strategies,” included the company’s learnings about integrating systems, enabling the data warehouse, incorporating customer feedback and facilitating customer adoption. “The BI journey is really centered on what problem you are trying to help your customers solve,” Coleman said. The session can be found here:
The Business Intelligence Journey 

In the video recorded at the company’s exhibit booth featuring expanded capabilities and services, Kevin Coleman, Chief Customer Officer, talks about DSC’s TES (Technology, Engineering, Systems & Solutions) group and the company-developed Foresight product that integrates the company’s execution and planning systems into a single visibility platform.

For more on understanding the edge that data-enabled learning can provide: Business Intelligence

Harvard Business Review, “When Data Creates Competitive Advantage” by Andrei Hagiu and Julian Wright. View article

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