Happy Leap Day! Taking the leap to more advanced skills – the challenge for supply chain leaders of the future

While February 29 may come around only once every four years, the impact of rapidly advancing technology on our lives – and on the supply chain – is constant.

In “Quantum Leap to the Top 10 Supply Chain Skills of the Future,” supply chain influencer/blogger Mike Mortson reminds us of the quantum leap advances in technology going on around us — “…the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning and Robotics, Industry 4.0, Big Data and Analytics, and Digitalization…”

“It is important to know that these changes are not just impacting Manufacturing, Engineering and I/T. These technological advances will impact every aspect of our personal and working lives,” Mortson says. “And one area that will be driving these quantum leap changes is Supply Chain!”

Mortson goes on to look at the new digital environment and implications for the skills the supply chain leaders of tomorrow will need to develop and employ. The first two on his list of 10 are “Strategic Planning and Big Thinking inclusive of technology development and advancement incorporating the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence” and “Applied Real-Time End to End Supply Chain Management expertise including collaboration, networking, relationship management, technical expertise and Change leadership.”

The complete list of Mortson’s supply chain skills of the future and more of his ideas about tomorrow’s supply chain leaders can be found here.

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