DSC pilots innovative employee recognition program

DSC Logistics, a CJ Logistics company, is piloting a new program with firm Surprise HR as a way of recognizing employees throughout a year of transformation and growth. “We know that employees are up for the challenge and we are acknowledging the effort they make to move the company forward and serve customers,” said Kate Daly, Chief Human Resources Officer. “This program is a way for the company’s leadership team to say “thank you” for the great work employees do every day.”

The program involves ‘surprise’ awards distributed several times a year through interactive digital messages. There are two universal distributions of awards – one at the program’s launch and another to mark DSC’s annual Summer of Safety initiative. Employees also receive awards on service anniversary milestones. For opportunistic or ‘spot’ recognition, senior leaders have an allotment of awards which can be distributed to recognize individual or team accomplishments. The awards come in three levels – small, medium, premium – and can range from gift cards to dinners, massages, concert and sporting event tickets, and travel experiences.

Surprise HR’s mission is to emotionally connect employees to the organizations that they serve. They seek to achieve this by fundamentally rethinking the modern employee experience from the ground up.

The recognition pilot program is administered by DSC’s HR team. Terri McCrea, Senior HR Manager, and Sara Mark, Director, Total Rewards, are the Program Managers, and Taylor Walthers, HR Generalist, is the program administrator. Nick Binetti, HR Generalist, leads a committee of diverse employees with varying levels of experience and responsibilities who meet regularly to monitor the efficacy of the program and advise management with recommendations for program administration.

The [logistics center] team has always gone above & beyond in ensuring our ability to service our customers comes first. The team has always far exceeded the expectations of partnership between our companies.