Assessing new supply chain optimization tools and capabilities at LLamacon conference

Members of DSC Logistics’ Customer Solutions team and CJ Logistics’ TES team attended the LLamaCon Supply Chain Conference in Chicago in June. Laura Adams, Senior Director; Brian Hecht, Director; Rachel Stierwalt, Senior Analyst; Patricia Urzay, Senior Analyst; Jong In Chae, Principal Researcher; Changyun Chung, Principal Researcher; and Seungjin Kris Yoon, Senior Researcher, met with other supply chain professionals to network, share best practices and discuss supply chain optimization tools to solve current challenges in the industry.

DSC has been working with cutting edge supply chain optimization tools for nearly 20 years, and became a partner of LLamasoft in 2016 with their acquisition of IBM’s LogicNet Plus. DSC’s in-house team of supply chain designers uses the software to model customers’ networks, answer complex supply chain questions and help customers make decisions to achieve their business goals. The application for these tools varies from highly strategic projects to tactical solutions that support planning and predictive activities, all of which allow DSC to contribute jointly to customers’ long-term supply chain strategy.

“We are excited to see we are ahead of the industry in the use of this technology,” said Urzay. “And, the conference provided us the opportunity to identify new tools and assess new capabilities DSC could work on developing through leveraging LLamasoft products.”

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