DSC enhancing workplace safety with innovative AI technology

The latest exploration of innovative technology for DSC Logistics, a CJ Logistics company, is a pilot project using Onetrack.AI technology. Installed on forklifts in the Middletown, PA facility, Onetrack.AI uses ‘machine learning’ and cameras to detect, record and prevent accidents. Its algorithms factor in safety, productivity and skill-levels of the operations specialists who are operating the forklifts.

The camera mounted on each forklift captures video and information, which is emailed to operations leadership and used to coach compliance with safety rules and procedures, preventing undesirable practices and incidents. “This technology allows us to have a much better understanding of operations behavior,” said Jim Heller, Vice President, Operations. “And, more importantly, it gives us the ability to coach more effectively.”

Barry Koch, Supply Chain Leader in charge of the Middletown logistics center, sees the positive effects already. “Keeping everyone on the same page, coaching to improve, holding everyone accountable to the same standards helps morale,” he said. “The Operations Specialists are paying attention to their surroundings, driving safely and watching carefully, and our coaching is progressively better.”

While the main focus of the pilot is on safety training and coaching, stronger efficiencies and cost controls are also important potential results of the technology. “DSC went into working with Onetrack.AI with the goal of enhancing a safe working environment and adding more tools for coaching,” said Joe Smiesko, Director, Safety, Security & Compliance. “But we definitely see the possibility for additional benefits.”

The Onetrack.AI system is always learning, with data feeds into DSC’s proprietary BI tool, Foresight. The system grabs data on accelerations, turns, time in use, and moves without product. The data enables DSC to evaluate processes and procedures in addition to addressing safety. DSC’s Solutions team will be able to use the data for precise calculations when bidding on new business. The Engineering team can apply the data to labor management and operations efficiency – to reduce indirect work, for example.

Onetrack.AI enhancements in the next few months include inventory control software and methods to share information about the entire forklift fleet to determine more efficient routes. “Since it’s based on AI, the sky’s the limit as to what it can capture,” Smiesko said. “Working with the Onetrack team, we just have to teach it what to look for, based on customer goals and business objectives.”

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