Partner carriers and DSC transportation leaders share insights at recent Carrier Summit

Representatives from DSC’s partner carriers came together with DSC transportation leaders at the 2018 Carrier Summit to discuss trends and changes in the supply chain industry, with input from some of DSC’s key customers.

Discussions ranged from the use of autonomous vehicles to the impact on the industry of Electronic Logging Devices (ELD), with one carrier representative talking about the role of retailers. “Shippers have done a lot to respond to carrier and driver needs; they get it for the most part,” the representative said. “But retailers need to be a part of this conversation too. They have to come to the table with more flexible receiving hours and practices.” Carriers estimated that the combination of ELDs and Hours of Service regulations have reduced efficiency by as much as ten to 17 percent.

The meeting included a review, with feedback from carriers, of DSC’s leading edge technology platforms including an enhanced transportation procurement process, supporting DSC’s focus on developing strategic relationships with carriers and customers.

“Transportation is not a commodity,” added Basil Weaver, Senior Manager, Supply Chain Solutions & Analytics. “It’s about relationships, networks. It’s about a highly specialized piece of equipment and a person – the driver – with specialized expertise, making our economy move and our businesses run.”

There was discussion of transportation RFP best practices from the carrier perspective, and carriers emphasized there is a greater need than ever before for detailed shipping and receiving requirements for calibrating cost and time requirements.

DSC also communicated updates regarding its expanded capabilities joining with global supply chain management innovator CJ Logistics.

The annual carrier summit is one of the ways DSC seeks to foster the development of strong strategic partnerships with carriers, an essential part of the company’s business strategy. “DSC’s culture and values are rooted in collaboration and integrity,” Scott Morgan, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, told the group. “It’s important to us that it’s a two-way conversation, based on transparency and trust.”

The [logistics center] team has always gone above & beyond in ensuring our ability to service our customers comes first. The team has always far exceeded the expectations of partnership between our companies.