DSC Logistics celebrates Founder’s Day 2018, honoring the past and looking to the future

DSC Logistics is celebrating Founder’s Day in September and October at our corporate offices in Des Plaines, Illinois, and 50+ logistics centers across the US. DSC’s Founder’s Day celebrations recognize the history and achievements of the company and the contributions of employees. In 2018, DSC’s Founder’s Day theme is “Welcome CJ” as we enter the global marketplace and look forward to the future as a CJ Logistics company.

Jim McIlrath founded DSC as Dry Storage Corporation in the upper floor of a former stockyards building on Chicago’s south side in 1960. The young company focused on customers and their changing needs, just as DSC does today.

Ann Drake, Jim’s daughter, joined the company in the 1990s to build DSC Logistics, a future-focused company based on strategic partnerships, thought leadership and high-performance operations.

A third new chapter begins as DSC becomes part of CJ Logistics, a global firm based in Korea and operating in 33 countries, and as DSC’s US presence and industry expertise are combined with CJ’s global logistics capabilities and high-tech logistics solutions.

The video prepared for Founder’s Day features DSC CEO Ann Drake and Pious Jung, CEO of CJ America, speaking about the similarities between the histories and cultures of the two companies, both founded and guided by visionary and entrepreneurial individuals surrounded by great people who believed in their efforts.

“Three attributes the two organizations have in common are an appreciation of their people, a continuous appetite for advancement and a brave attitude to embrace change,” Jung said. He strongly believes these values came from the very beginning, noting that CJ also celebrates Founder’s Day. November 15 marks the founding of CJ Logistics in 1930, and in South Korea that day is publicly known as Logistics Day.

“Important in both organizations is an emphasis on supply chain leadership, customers’ changing needs, continuous improvement and ongoing learning,” Drake said. “From the beginning we’ve focused on meeting changing customer needs by ‘doing a better job tomorrow than we did today,’ as Jim McIlrath always said. And we are most excited by the opportunity for a great future as a new, better, global company.”

The [logistics center] team has always gone above & beyond in ensuring our ability to service our customers comes first. The team has always far exceeded the expectations of partnership between our companies.