Ann Drake featured in Leadership Case Study by Inbound Logistics

DSC Logistics CEO Ann Drake talks about her leadership style, her drive to foster collaboration and innovation, and why she works so hard to increase opportunities for women in supply chain management in the April 2016 issue of Inbound Logistics magazine.

Asked about early experiences in her career that helped make her the leader she is today, Ann cites lessons she learned about the importance of communication while teaching high school English early in her career and points out that “teaching and business leadership are both about moving people in particular directions.” One of her favorite definitions of leadership is “taking people where they wouldn’t go themselves.”

Ann attributes her success as an executive to being a visible CEO, caring about people, and to her openness to finding new and better ways to do something, a trait she said comes from her father whose motto was “Do a better job tomorrow than you did today.” Her passion for empowering women as leaders is evident as she discusses AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Leadership in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education), the women’s leadership network she launched in 2013. She describes AWESOME as “the confluence of four topics that have been important to me over the past 20 years: the principles of leadership, women’s leadership, the supply chain, and what’s needed in the future for America to succeed.”

To read the complete story and learn more about Ann, click here.

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