CJ Logistics America thanks those who serve and those who support them

Today on Military Spouse Appreciation Day, a part of Military Appreciation Month, CJ Logistics America joins in recognizing and honoring the service of military members and those who support them.

Military Appreciation Month is described as a time of “remembrance, observance and respect for military members, spouses, veterans and lost loved ones” on veteranlife.com. It was officially established in 1999 when the US Senate declared May a time to honor and recognize the service and sacrifice of all military members past and present and their families.

Military Spouse Appreciation Day is held on the Friday before Mother’s Day. Since more than half of active-duty military members are married, according to the US Department of Defense, there are currently nearly a million military spouses supporting service members. Military Spouse Appreciation Day recognizes these individuals for all that they do for their service members, their families and their communities.

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