CJ Logistics America proud to support growth and awareness of CJ Group

CJ Logistics, CJ Group, International Business Times

As a US subsidiary of CJ Group headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, CJ Logistics America is proud to be part of the exciting growth and awareness of CJ Group in the United States. 

The growth of CJ Group and its US division, CJ America, is the subject of a recent article in the International Business Times. The article characterizes CJ’s expansion as “a growth story worth watching.”

The article references the growth of CJ Group into a $30 billion multinational conglomerate after beginning 70 years ago in South Korea as a sugar and flour milling company, a subsidiary of Samsung Corp. spun off from Samsung in 1993. The article points out that CJ Group has expanded beyond food products into entertainment, retail, logistics and biotechnology.

According to the article, CJ Logistics, with a base in the Chicago area, is “a critical bridge to global shipping and over-the-road transport services.” The article calls attention to the recently signed agreement with South Korean government entity, Korea Ocean Business Corporation, creating large-scale logistics centers in the US to facilitate more efficient movement of South Korean products between the two countries.

CJ Logistics offers an integrated, one-stop SCM service platform with air and sea international freight forwarding, warehousing and transportation contract logistics, asset-based trucking, parcel and express delivery, and supply chain consulting.

CJ Logistics America supports CJ’s commitment to growing its presence in the US market. Aligned with CJ Logistics’ global vision to maximize customer value through innovation and continuous improvement, CJ Logistics America is responsible for the North America region with 80+ warehousing, transportation and freight forwarding operations across the United States, Canada and Mexico.

CJ Logistics America specializes in providing holistic, large-scale warehousing and transportation solutions for customers in regulated industries such as food and beverage, healthcare and medical supplies, tire and automotive, and consumer packaged goods. Warehouse management solutions include e-commerce, supply chain packaging, value-added services and engineering and automation. Integrated transportation management solutions include asset-based transportation, freight forwarding and cross-border transportation.

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