CJ Logistics America provides Customs Brokerage solutions

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CJ Logistics America is now providing Customs Brokerage solutions. The CJ Logistics America Customs Brokerage team provides the service of clearing goods through customs for customers, with a dual responsibility to comply with customs law and serve clients.

CJ Logistics America’s licensed customs brokers are proficient in customs laws, tariff schedules and electronic interfaces. They help customers in a variety of industries navigate the major issues facing importers. These issues include classification, valuation, country of origin and PGA regulations. The team’s expertise and the company’s technology help keep importers compliant in an increasingly digitized reporting environment. 

In addition to customs brokerage, transportation management, fleet-based transportation and cross-border transportation, CJ Logistics America also provides freight forwarding services. CJ Logistics America’s freight forwarding division provides comprehensive export and import services, including ocean, air, consolidation, special project freight movements and customs brokerage, to manage the logistics of international shipments, from ordinary freight to special category freight, using a variety of shipping modes.

With a multilingual North America team fluent in many languages such as English, Korean, Mandarin, Spanish, Polish and Laotian, the company’s expertise and extensive global network ensure shipments are compliant with regulations and optimized for maximum efficiency. 

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