Interview with CJLA CEO featured in DC Velocity

CEO Ed Bowersox is featured in DC Velocity’s “In Person” interview, part of a series of discussions with top supply chain company executives.

In the interview, Ed discusses the new identity of CJ Logistics America – a vision for a connected customer experience, integrated global solutions and accelerated innovation, and a holistic approach to supply chain management resulting in solutions that have customers’ broader goals and end-customer in mind.

Asked about operations, he describes the “tremendous dedication” of the company’s employees working to provide some of the food, medical and consumer supplies that have been most critical throughout the pandemic, and he discusses CJLA’s continuous improvement approach that emphasizes accountability and empowerment to drive results.

As the interview concludes, Ed emphasizes the need for companies to focus on strategies for building robust, resilient supply chain networks that can respond quickly to dynamic change.

To read more about these and other topics covered in the interview, click here.

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