CJ Logistics community outreach activities are evolving in the “New Normal” era

Rachel Stierwalt, who lives in Chicago, Illinois, U.S., recently took some time after work to open a children’s book and read it aloud. Around the same time, Gao Yaoqing from Shanghai, China, was also reading and recording children’s books. These global employees of CJ Logistics were making educational videos for children.

The videos are part of “The New Normal Talent Donation Volunteer Program” called “Book-Reading Language Village,” a volunteer activity in which CJ Logistics employees and senior volunteers from Yak-su Senior Welfare Center read foreign language fairy tales to local children. Since face-to-face activities have become more difficult with COVID-19, the project has been converted into videos and broadened to include employees from across the globe.

CJ Logistics has been producing the video service since June. So far, more than 10 famous children’s fairy tales, including Hansel and Gretel, The Ant & the Grasshopper and The Three Little Pigs, have been uploaded in various language versions, including English, Chinese and Japanese.

Rachel Stierwalt and Basil Weaver, the U.S. volunteers who read together, are employees of CJ Logistics America. “It took me back to my childhood and it made me be proud to be part of a global company and community,” Rachel said. “While the pandemic has created separation and isolation for so many, it was inspiring that we were able to do something special to connect with children in Korea, all the way from Chicago.”

It is a goal of CJ Logistics to create social value through business activities and contribute to developing a sustainable global society. With participants from U.S.-based CJ Logistics America and China-based CJ Rokin, the children’s reading project has created global connections, which is one of CJ Logistics’ goals. “Social contribution activities are gradually changing in line with the ‘New Normal’ era,” CJ Logistics said. “We will continue to plan various ‘Creating Shared Value’ (CSV) activities that can be carried out in virtual formats in the future, so that global employees can continue to participate.”

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