Utilizing BI tools to monitor COVID-19 impacts

Leaders at DSC Logistics, now CJ Logistics America, are using the predictive analytics of Foresight dashboards developed by the company’s Supply Chain Solutions & Analytics team to make informed decisions around the impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on the company’s operations.

With roughly 80 locations across North America and almost 60 locations in the US, the company keeps essential medical supplies, food and consumer goods moving to citizens, patients and caregivers. The recently developed specialized COVID-19 dashboards, reviewed regularly by the company’s COVID-19 Committee and executive team, are used to analyze coronavirus-related data across the company’s network.

One of the specialized dashboards tracks health issues across all locations in the company’s expansive network, recording the number of reported instances of illness, known or potential exposure-related self-quarantines in effect, and confirmed positive COVID-19 cases.

Another dashboard tracks attendance; it captures broader COVID-19 attendance-related issues such as childcare scheduling, illness, household member care or self-quarantine due to potential exposure. The visualization of this data helps the COVID-19 Committee and Operations leaders identify attendance trends across regions, warehouses, offices and customer networks, to proactively plan staffing for operations coverage as well as anticipate where potential COVID-19 activity may arise.

With the trend information from the health and attendance dashboards, company leaders can be proactive in their decisions and preventive measures, monitoring and predicting the impact of the pandemic across the network. For example, if a location experiences a spike in absences or reported illnesses, or is adjacent to locations with increased activity, additional preventive measures are put in place and safety protocols are amplified.

In addition to following the data closely, the company’s HR team is performing regular wellness checks to ensure that health issues are monitored on an ongoing basis, as a COVID-19 positive diagnosis may be more likely to be confirmed during a self-quarantine leave of absence.

“These dashboards, and others we’re creating, give us valuable information in the constantly changing environment of the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Laura Adams, Senior Director, Supply Chain Solutions & Analytics. “Our goal is always to ensure that data is transformed into information that delivers actionable intelligence.”

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