DSC launches new on-demand flex labor solution with HapiGig

DSC Logistics has launched use of HapiGig, a new on-demand flex labor solution for the logistics industry, at locations in Atlanta, Chicago, Southern California and Allentown, Pennsylvania.

By working with HapiGig, when high quality flex labor is needed, DSC is connected with forklift operators from nearby facilities who have registered with HapiGig and continuously update their availability.

In the HapiGig system, DSC Supply Chain and Operations Leaders hire workers based on their availability, skill set and ratings. Before working at DSC, the Hapi Workers go through training to comply with DSC safety requirements, and are assessed on the floor after the initial training. At the end of a short term “gig,” DSC leaders rate Hapi Workers on their job performance.

The HapiGig solution has proven to be an impressive way to solve staffing issues in the supply chain industry, according to John Masich, Supply Chain Leader at DSC’s Chicago area location. “When we need additional employees for a high volume time period or a special project, we’re finding HapiGig an effective way to supplement our staffing,” he said. “We see a high quality talent pool, and often have repeat workers.”

The DSC leaders participate in regular communications with HapiGig, including update calls hosted by HapiGig President Hisham Khaki, during which they have the opportunity to ask questions, provide feedback or hear about system enhancements. With his logistics background, Khaki understands the challenges of the fluctuations in the staffing demands of warehouse operators and the schedules of warehouse workers.

“We appreciate how the HapiGig team has been focused on partnering with us and very receptive to our feedback,” said Mona Mounts. “They’re continuing to develop their product to meet DSC needs, and both companies are learning from the experience.”

Describing the fit of the two cultures as a “true partnership in innovative collaboration,” Khaki also considers the experience productive. “What allows HapiGig to make a difference in the industry, to improve the lives of warehouse workers and employers across the country, is a strong partner like DSC,” he said. “A company that is driven toward innovation and continuous improvement.”

The [logistics center] team has always gone above & beyond in ensuring our ability to service our customers comes first. The team has always far exceeded the expectations of partnership between our companies.