DSC VP, Business Development discusses the ‘last mile’ in ecommerce

“The Evolving Expectations of the Last Mile,” a panel presentation that included DSC Logistics Vice President, Business Development Mike Turner, was featured on Connect News, Friday, November 22.

Turner and other industry experts discussed the “last mile,” an important concept in ecommerce, at the Connect National Industrial Conference last week.

In their session, “The Evolving Expectations of the Last Mile,” the panelists looked at how retail is evolving, from a supply chain perspective, and the most effective placement and type of distribution centers for handling ecommerce inventory and reducing transportation costs.

Turner observed that, in a distribution center, automation works best with more common products. “If you have different types of items,” he said, “the RPO becomes more difficult when it comes to building automation for odd-shaped items.”

Other topics tackled by the panelists included the future of rail in transporting goods, the current trade dispute and its impact on ports and intermodal facilities, and the future of ecommerce.

Turner made the point that ecommerce is more than just a retail concept, and referred to the role of omnichannel. “When you order something, it could come from a store or distribution center,” he pointed out, adding that Macy’s turned most of their stores into distribution environments.

To read more about the panel discussion here.

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