DSC conducts survey to evaluate CPG transportation trends and needs

Understanding how important it is to listen to the ‘voice of the customer’ while advancing its transportation strategy, DSC recently commissioned a survey of select CPG (consumer packaged goods) and food companies.

Respondents in the survey conducted by Justin Zubrod & Company reported that the effective use and analysis of data, greater visibility, and elimination of legacy and highly manual systems are their major needs.

“We’re experts in managing complexity and we’re technology focused,” said Ken Heller, Chief Transportation Officer. “Our key focus is on developing specialized end-to-end transportation services for food, CPG and retail customers, to creatively solve their transportation challenges. To do this, we really wanted to capture their biggest concerns right now.”

As the survey results show, the “new normal” in managing transportation is greater complexity and uncertainty. The survey respondents see more need and opportunity to team with logistics partners to make improvements and advances. They increasingly look to their partners to better analyze data to anticipate problems and take proactive action. The need for transparency is critical for the success of outsourcing, especially relative to data.

The ability to integrate transportation with logistics center management provides opportunities to increase visibility, optimize the supply chain holistically and reduce total cost. “We understand the seam where warehousing and transportation connect,” Heller said. “Our business intelligence is more insightful when we can connect the whole picture.”

“The survey reinforces what we have been developing – flexible solutions to achieve the right cost, service and visibility solutions,” Heller said. “Transparency allows us to collaborate with our partners to solve problems.”

The [logistics center] team has always gone above & beyond in ensuring our ability to service our customers comes first. The team has always far exceeded the expectations of partnership between our companies.