DSC Logistics develops proprietary tool in new approach to optimizing work schedules

In response to changes in business and customer demands, and to provide more work-life balance for employees, DSC Logistics is exploring new options for shift schedules in logistics center operations.

DSC has developed a Scheduling Optimization tool that looks at inbound and outbound demand by day of the week, with the goal of meeting daily needs by using customized work schedules. The proprietary tool analyzes existing scheduling in a logistics center and determines optimal shift schedules. Once the tool generates a mathematically optimal way to schedule, the company’s engineers and operators fine-tune the solution to make it executable.

DSC is not just evaluating against a traditional shift structure but is also finding innovative options that engage employees and are good for business. The approach allows DSC to be more creative and flexible in designing shift structures that meet the needs of a customer’s local situation and can minimize overtime and the amount of material handling equipment needed. It provides an opportunity for employees, who can sign for the new schedules, to work a different structure that’s more beneficial to them.

Why Scheduling Optimization? “To help us reduce overtime, to ensure proper coverage, to meet the needs of our customers, to give employees choice,” said Jim Chamberlain, Senior Director, Industrial Engineering. “This approach to scheduling can result in savings through reduction in overtime and material handling costs, and can also lead to reduction in turnover.”

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