CEO Ann Drake featured in Kellogg magazine

Ann Drake, CEO of DSC Logistics and founder of AWESOME (Achieving Women’s Excellence in Supply Chain Operations, Management, and Education) is profiled in the “Brave Thinkers” section of the Spring Summer 2016 edition of Kellogg magazine from Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University as the “female icon of supply chain management.”

Characterized in the profile’s headline as “The long term visionary,” Ann discusses how she wanted the company to succeed in the 21st century when, after earning an MBA from Kellogg in 1984, she crafted the reorganization plan that consolidated DSC Logistics into one entity and sent it on its way to becoming a leader in the field of logistics and supply chain management.

Ann remembers the tough job of convincing employees and customers to embrace the big changes, and then the first time a customer asked for DSC’s help in growing their business. “I think he was very impressed with our team,” she said.

As for developing women leaders in supply chain and continuing to find ways to keep DSC evolving, she said, “I’ve been going straight up a learning curve for the past 20 years, and the good news is, it hasn’t stopped.”

The [logistics center] team has always gone above & beyond in ensuring our ability to service our customers comes first. The team has always far exceeded the expectations of partnership between our companies.