DSC pilots Voice Pick technology at Romeoville with K-C Pro

At the Romeoville K-C Pro operation, DSC is piloting Voice Pick Technology – the use of a hands free device that allows forklift operators to pick orders without scanning or entering data into an RF device. The operators use a Bluetooth headset allowing for greater mobility as they engage in a conversation with the system that walks them through the picking process.

The voice solution was deployed in less than four months and enables greater flexibility of DSC’s WMS. The sophisticated software allows for customized end- user profiles and accounts for multi-languages; this empowers DSC’s diverse workforce to seamlessly use the voice solution. DSC’s Corporate team and Super Users on-site can make changes and update the software – an important criterion in the rigorous vendor selection process.

Voice Pick offers cost savings for customers, with a quick ROI of less than a year. The technology improves productivity, increases case pick efficiency and inventory accuracy. Once trained, forklift operators can be on the floor immediately, reducing ramp up time. And, the device has proven to be a motivational tool as the operators are excited to be using a new technology.

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