DSC implements new technology for efficient truckload balancing

DSC is piloting new Pick and Load technology for efficient truckload balancing. Using customer item master and outbound information, DSC’s engineering team designs rules for trailer loading to achieve optimal balance. As orders are transferred to the Pick and Load system, the system generates a load diagram specifically for that order with instructions that employees follow when picking and/or loading the trailer.

The Pick and Load technology provides several benefits, including increased efficiency and cost savings. Loaders only need to follow specific instructions provided by the system, which are tailored to the outbound shipment. The technology ensures that trucks do not exceed weight limits and have proper axle weight distribution. With rules for a stabilized load, based on variables such as product stackability, pallet weight and pallet dimensions, the technology also minimizes in-transit damage.

DSC has plans to roll out the new Pick and Load technology across its entire logistics center network and is phasing in enhanced system functionality for further efficiencies.

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