I have felt empowered throughout my career to make decisions and drive positive change within our network.


VP Operations

When did you join the company?

February 1995 in Jackson, Tennessee, as a warehouse associate.

Describe your current role. What do you do?

I served in the US Marine Corps as a Signals Intelligence and Ground Electronic Warfare analyst and held a Top Secret Clearance. My career at CJ Logistics has been one of growth. I started out as a front-line warehouse associate and took on increasing levels of responsibility, moving into supervision and into upper management while learning the business.

Describe your current role. What do you do?

As Vice President of Operations, I am responsible for several warehouse facilities across the country. One of those networks is the multi-client or mixed network; the other network supports one of our major food CPG customers. My primary role is to ensure we are meeting the needs of our customers and employees while also driving financial performance for CJ Logistics.

What do you like most about your role?

I really enjoy visiting our locations and working with our employees, who are our greatest asset. I also take great pride in the fact that I have helped develop and prepare employees for growth within the organization.

What project/experience/accomplishment are you proudest of? Why?

I am most proud of the start-up of the B&G Foods network in 2015 and ongoing initiatives. We converted three customer Distribution Centers over to CJ Logistic Centers and started up a fourth (new location) all within a nine-month period.

I was able to work with multiple teams and collaborate across the organization in the effort to convert the existing distribution centers over to CJ Logistic Centers. We converted each site in a very short timeframe (over a weekend). We were able to hire & train 200+ new employees, upload the inventory into our WMS, conduct a physical inventory at each site and ship product out of the new CJ locations without affecting B&G’s customer base. We further helped them realign their network, which included a West Coast start-up.

What have you gained from working at CJ Logistics America?

I have gained great knowledge and experience within our industry. I have established valued relationships, both personal and professional with great people at all levels of the organization. I have the satisfaction of knowing I helped foster and develop current and future leaders. I am also the recipient of those same opportunities to learn and advance along the way.

How is working at CJ Logistics America more than a job?

Working at CJ Logistics is more of a lifestyle choice. I work with great people from all backgrounds. I face a different challenge every day (no two days are the same). I have felt empowered throughout my career to make decisions and drive positive change within our network. I am proud to serve in this industry as we keep essential goods moving through the supply chain.

I view the work the CJ Logistics associates are performing as an extension of [our] Supply Chain…Our combined Teams are helping maintain the integrity and trust of [our] supply chain which is critical in this challenging COVID situation…I am confident our partnership and strong communication will guide us to get through these challenges.

CPG Customer

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