I truly feel connected to my peers and customers. It really is a partnership, and we’re in it together.


Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

When did you join the company?

June 2015 as a Sr. Manager, Customer Operations in the Transportation team.

Explain your background prior to your current role.

Prior to CJ Logistics, I spent 12 years at a major big box retailer. I held a variety of roles in Warehouse Operations, Transportation and at their corporate offices. I also had the opportunity to start up the company’s Canada operation. Even though it closed, I learned a tremendous amount about start-ups. Most of my supply chain experience was in warehousing, but the opportunity to join the transportation team at CJ Logistics meant a whole new learning experience. I loved the entrepreneurial spirit of the company and the ability to learn so many new things.

Describe your current role. What do you do?

In my current role in Strategic Partnerships, I focus on ensuring CJ Logistics America is meeting the needs of our customers. I work on building a strong relationship with my customer teams at all levels across all relevant functions. I collaborate with the customer on supply chain strategies to enhance the operation and resolve any issues or problems.

What do you like most about your role?

I enjoy the fast-paced nature and the ability to collaborate across the entire CJ Logistics network and our customer networks. Every day brings something new, and it ranges from immediate solves that need to be handled the same day to strategic months-long projects. I love the variety that I experience every day.

What project/experience/accomplishment are you proudest of? Why?

I am proud of many things while here at CJ Logistics, but what really excited me was the growth of the Transportation team and the ability to help lead the team through so many improvements over the years. New customers, new TMS, updated (and constantly improving) processes, Covid-19. We have experienced so many wins over the years, and it was amazing to be a part of the journey with the whole team. I enjoyed seeing the growth and development of everyone on the team and knowing that I could directly impact what they learned about the industry.

What have you gained from working at CJ Logistics America?

I have gained so much here at CJ Logistics, but I really appreciate the ability to delve into all aspects of supply chain. I was a psychology major in college and knew nothing about supply chain when I started in the industry. I appreciate my prior roles at a large organization because of the resources available, but here at CJ Logistics you really can jump in and learn from experts across the entire industry. Breadth of knowledge is valued, and my confidence has grown tremendously.

How is working at CJ Logistics America more than a job?

I truly feel connected to my peers and customers. It really is a partnership, and we’re in it together, weathering the ups and downs of the industry.

I view the work the CJ Logistics associates are performing as an extension of [our] Supply Chain…Our combined Teams are helping maintain the integrity and trust of [our] supply chain which is critical in this challenging COVID situation…I am confident our partnership and strong communication will guide us to get through these challenges.

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