The “Summer of Safety” at CJ Logistics America

Safety is a crucial component of any supply chain operation, and it’s something that CJ Logistics America takes extremely seriously. We place safety above anything else in this business, because the most important part of this company is the wellbeing of the people who work here.

That’s why we are rolling out our “Summer of Safety” program throughout our entire organization this week. The slogan for this program is “100% Commitment, 100% Effort, 100% Responsibility, 100% Accountability = 0 Incidents.”

This initiative runs from June through September and will feature different themes throughout the course of the summer. These themes include subjects like heat stress prevention, emergency response, ergonomics in the warehouse, the importance of safety, hazard identification, and developing a proactive safety culture.

The event will be supported through an online learning platform with training materials, presentations and meetings specific to the topics above, increased signage around CJ Logistics America warehouses to promote education, and fun employee activities and celebrations.

Today also marks the annual National Forklift Safety Day in the United States. Sponsored by the Industrial Truck Association, this day spreads awareness of the importance of forklift safety practices and operator training. There are more than 850,000 forklifts currently in operation across the country, and OSHA estimates that there are nearly 100,000 forklift accidents that occur every single year – some of them unfortunately serious or even fatal.

However, many of these accidents can be avoided with proper training and precautions. To promote awareness and improve understanding of forklift safety practices, CJ Logistics will be holding forklift skills competitions in many of its distribution centers where employees can come together as a team, show off their abilities, and win prizes.

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