CJ Logistics America celebrates National Supply Chain Professionals Day on May 20

Several years ago, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) designated the third Monday of every May as National Supply Chain Professionals Day to celebrate those who work in logistics.

CJ Logistics America is proud to have some of the best and brightest in the industry working tirelessly day and night, passionately and proudly, to serve its customers and deliver the best experience possible. Let’s recognize a few of them today and learn more about why they love working in this industry!

“I’ve always loved being part of a team. My involvement in the supply chain industry allows me opportunities to collaborate with different departments in my everyday tasks. Working towards a common goal to ensure customer satisfaction (regardless of how small) is a win and rewarding to me in my career. I fell into supply chain by chance and I feel I have been enriched with knowledge and skills that will affect both my career and my personal growth throughout the rest of my life in the most positive way.

Gabby McDaniel
Customer Service Supervisor | Shorewood, IL

“Throughout the twelve years that I have been working within the supply chain industry, I have found great satisfaction in seeing team efforts evolve into great customer satisfaction. Delivering on-time services and improving our market shares has created the happy customer effect, and has helped me to improve my thinking skills in what else we can elevate from our current process to meet our customer’s requirements.

“Being in logistics is not a one man job, but I have the privilege in training and trusting my team to get the job done because I make sure they understand the meaning of teamwork and what our goals are as a whole in operations. I love being a part of strategic projects because it allows me to voice my perspective on defining or redefining company strategies improving efficiency across the logistics operation.”

Anahy Zandejas
Warehouse Supervisor | Perris, CA

“Working in the supply chain industry has been a fulfilling journey over the past 25+ years.  I started on the floor and gradually progressed through various roles.

“From operator to Lead, Lead to workflow associate, and workflow to Supervisor and beyond, I’ve witnessed firsthand how dedication and hard work can lead the way for advancement.  As an Operations Manager now, nothing brings me more satisfaction than mentoring and guiding individuals to realize their potential, helping them ascend to leadership roles they once only dreamed of.  It’s incredibly fulfilling to be part of someone’s professional development journey, knowing that I’ve played a role in their success.

“The supply chain industry constantly presents challenges and opportunities to turn visions into reality. Whether it’s optimizing processes, implementing new technologies, or streamlining operations, I enjoy bringing ideas to life and witnessing improvements. Overall, it’s the blend of personal interactions, growth opportunities, and the chance to make a meaningful impact that makes me love working in this industry.”

Chuck Kane
Warehouse Manager | Carlisle, PA

“A career in supply chain is not only challenging and exciting, but also incredibly rewarding. I love this field because it challenges me and my team to view real-world problems through multiple lenses. We’re tasked with finding meaningful solutions that impact the economy, environment, and the population’s access to necessary resources. We take pride in our work, conscious that it provides security for end-consumers amidst supply chain disruptions, challenging labor markets, and even global pandemics. It’s an opportunity to work cross-functionally with people, processes, and technology, to innovate and deliver in times of uncertainty. Knowing that my job ‘keeps the world turning’ is quite fulfilling.”

Sheldon Blythe
General Manager | University Park, IL

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