CJ Logistics America hosts fireside chat on women’s leadership in transportation

In celebration of Women’s History Month, CJ Logistics America recently hosted a fireside chat with employees to discuss the key role that women play in the supply chain industry. This event was open to both women and men, and fostered a healthy dialogue regarding the state of gender equality in the logistics space.

Several female employees from CJ Logistics’ transportation division participated in the panel discussion to share their unique firsthand experiences and perspectives. The group included:

  • Melissa Gallardo, Manager, Talent Acquisition
  • Megan Briggs, Senior Manager, Transportation Operations
  • Erin Drehobl, Senior Manager, Transportation Operations
  • Ana Nededog, Manager, Transportation Operations
  • Michelle Urbina, Customer Operations Analyst
  • Giovanna Oliveira, Senior Manager, Brokerage Sales

Some of the topics covered in this forum included the challenges women face in a historically male-dominated field, how women can set and achieve personal and professional goals, the ways that women can manage work-life balance, and how everyone can work to advance women as leaders within the industry.

Here a few key takeaways we heard from the panel and audience:

“The biggest thing is just take the chances, stretch yourself, learn something new, become a little bit uncomfortable…that’s what’s going to make you successful.” – Danielle Agnew, Vice President, Strategic Partnerships

“The more our organization looks like what the world looks like, in every shape and form, the more successful the company will be.” – Basil Weaver, Director, Supply Chain Solutions

“Put yourself out there, stand strong in what you do, be confident and if you need help, don’t be afraid to ask for help.” – Erin Drehobl, Senior Manager, Transportation Operations

“Be confident, know your worth, remember that you do have a voice and that your opinion matters. Be open to learning new things. There is always something new to learn in this industry.” – Ana Nededog, Manager, Transportation Operations

“Always ask for what you want. Don’t expect your managers to read your mind.” – Giovanna Oliveira, Senior Manager, Brokerage Sales

If you’re interested in a supply chain career with a company that treats every employee with integrity and respect, take a look at our open opportunities to see if a position at CJ Logistics might be right for you.

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