DSC supports customers as retailers resume implementing compliance programs

Major retailers have announced they will resume compliance programs after a brief pause during initial months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Acknowledging early on that suppliers would not be able to remain successful in fulfilling previous inventory levels, large retailers took measures to alleviate the potential burden of non-compliance fines, with other retailers following suit.

However, as times are now evolving nearer to a new normal, the leading retail giants have begun to re-implement their compliance programs, putting the pressure back on suppliers. Market demand continues its upward trajectory getting closer to pre-COVID numbers. Supply has begun to level off allowing inventory levels to keep pace with the current level of consumer demand.

“As we see the market return to normal, we’ll be reinforcing, through existing processes, requirements on loads,” said Chris Barkinge, Senior Director, Carrier Relations, DSC Logistics, now CJ Logistics America. “We utilize a number of techniques to identify potential issues with capacity or Hours of Service before they occur. If we are required to make changes on individual loads, we turn to our deep routing guide to fill that gap.”

“These initiatives help reduce and eliminate communication gaps while improving our efficiencies at the same time,” said Danielle Agnew, Director, Transportation Operations. “We have found innovative ways to meet retailers’ requirements on behalf of our customers.”

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