Supply chain collaboration in uncertain times explored in webinar series presented by DSC Logistics, now CJ Logistics America

A four-part webinar series, “Supply Chain Collaboration in Uncertain Times: Responding to the COVID-19 Pandemic,” was presented recently by DSC Logistics, now CJ Logistics America. In the webinar sessions, hosted by Chief Customer Officer Kevin Coleman, company leaders shared learnings based on their experiences during this crisis and thoughts about developments as businesses plan for the future.

In the first webinar, “Living in the New World of COVID-19: Accelerating Supply Chain Adaptation,” Joe Smiesko, Director of Safety and Security, joined Coleman to discuss topics such as tracking and communicating a fast-evolving “current state,” achieving organizational alignment during turbulent times, leveraging Business Intelligence to monitor and predict COVID-19 network impacts, and establishing and adapting COVID-19 safety protocols. 
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The second webinar, “COVID-19 Supply Chain Impacts: The Evolving Transportation Landscape,” featured Ken Heller, Chief Transportation Officer; Brad Nuffer, VP, Transportation Operations; and Chris Barkinge, Senior Director, Carrier Relationships, in a discussion of COVID-19 impacts on transportation. Topics included transportation market update & insights, carrier relationships – responding to evolving capacity & volume, and operational impact & outlook – observations of retailer responses. 
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The third session, “COVID-19 Supply Chain Impacts: Warehouse Management,” focused on the current trends impacting warehouse management such as industrial real estate, employment and evolving COVID-19 legislation. The discussion also focused on adaptations to changes in demand and volume, retailer requirements, employee availability and communication, and on warehouse safety practices shaped by COVID-19 now and in the future, safety-at-home education, virtual staffing and employee engagement. Daniel Harms, Senior VP, Operations; Patrick Swartz, Senior VP, Operations; and Jim Heller, VP, Operations, were the speakers. 
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In the fourth and last webinar in the series, “The ‘New Normal’: Supply Chain 2020 and Beyond,” CEO Ed Bowersox and Deputy CEO Sung Yup Suh discussed the US economic outlook, and its impact on supply chain and industry sectors. They also looked at the global logistics market trend from the informed vantage point of CJ Logistics’ global network with a presence in 40 countries across the world, and presented their thoughts about the steps and stages towards recovery, as businesses plan for the future. 
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