Latest DSC mobile app enables real time monitoring of warehouse activity

DSC Logistics has rolled out the Shift Foresight iPad app, a tool that enables team leaders in DSC’s logistics centers to monitor warehouse activity in real time and be out on the floor to manage day-to-day operations. The tool provides insights into an individual worker’s performance and helps the supervisor focus attention on operators who need help, are doing more complex assignments or in the midst of training for new tasks.

DSC’s latest proprietary tool continues the company’s evolution as an in-house software developer and moves forward the sustainability initiative to reduce / eliminate paper usage in the logistics centers.

The tool gathers data on outbound orders, inbound schedules, pallets on dock, replenishment and labor distribution. The live data can be sorted by time periods and type of orders (inbound or outbound), on multiple screens. Under development is the method for prioritizing work and communicating with forklift tablets.

Shift Foresight features the same design as other apps developed by DSC, and was developed in 100 days using the same Agile process. Positive feedback from initial users resulted in just three changes to the first version, and development is ongoing. “We’ll keep improving the app, and users can definitely expect more to come,” said CIO Kevin Glynn.

DSC’s latest mobile app was developed by a team from DSC IT and Operations, a team from Argentina led by Romina Romero and a local vendor. Stella Warfel, Project Manager, led the DSC team of Erica Unkle, Sr. Data Analyst; Max Buda, Project Leader; and Ed Zuiss, RedPrairie Lead Analyst. Brian Ginsburg, Supply Chain Leader, is the product owner from Operations.

New technology development is an integral component of DSC’s ongoing Transformation Initiative. “Creating mobile apps and other tools enables us to gather more clean data faster,” said Glynn, “and that allows us to better optimize our workforce and deliver to create value for our customers. Our goal is to revolutionize DSC operations with advanced technology capabilities/tools for greater transparency and operational efficiency.”

The [logistics center] team has always gone above & beyond in ensuring our ability to service our customers comes first. The team has always far exceeded the expectations of partnership between our companies.