DSC CIO publishes article on IT leadership in Logistics Tech Outlook magazine

CIO Kevin Glynn has published an article in the January 2017 issue of Logistics Tech Outlookmagazine. In the article, headlined “Technology Changes to Supply Chain Demand Good Leadership,” Kevin discusses how important it is for CIOs and IT leaders to help people understand how their jobs will change as the implementation of new technology such as Artificial Intelligence, augmented reality, automated vehicle technology an drones causes rapid change in supply chain work.

“Our chance, as CIOs and IT leaders, to make a difference depends not only on our ability to execute on technical projects but also on our willingness to engage and assist our colleagues,” he writes. “I believe we have an ethical duty to the people we work with to explain what is coming, to help them understand the future and the threats.”

The article also appears in the online edition of the magazine.

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